Details & Schedule

The following is an overview of the key components and schedule for the 2017 New York City Veterans Day Parade and related activities.  We also invite you to apply, contribute, or volunteer!

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The sole purpose of the NYC Veterans Day Parade is to honor the service of our veterans and to salute our currently serving military. It is a non-partisan, non-political event, and may not be used as a platform for any other purpose or political agenda. Any individual or group that attempts to use the Parade as a forum for this purpose will be denied participation, and will forfeit any expenses incurred.


This year’s Parade honors all veterans, while commemorating the centennial of the U.S. entry into World War I (1917-2017).

Featured Service Branch

The United States Air Force is this year’s featured military branch.  The Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force are also represented.

Grand Marshal

American space pioneer and U.S. Air Force veteran Buzz Aldrin is this year’s Grand Marshal.  Representatives of the Air Force will also serve as Honorary Grand Marshals.

Participating Groups

The parade features over 300 marching elements and an estimated 30,000+  participants, including veterans of all eras, military units, civic and youth groups (including Junior ROTC), businesses, and top high school marching bands from across America.  Floats, military and vintage vehicles and other special elements add to the excitement, which is viewed by over half a million spectators.

Participation in the parade is free to non-profit veterans’ groups or organizations serving veterans; corporate veterans groups marching with branded signage/apparel/vehicles must provide sponsorship support.  Apply today, or contact our office for details.


The parade will occur on Saturday November 11 (Veterans Day), rain or shine. It starts at approximately 11:15 AM (at the conclusion of the Opening Ceremony, see below) and concludes around 3:30pm.


The parade goes north on Fifth Avenue, from 26th to 52nd Street. The route is 1.2 miles, and takes approximately 30 ~ 35 minutes.  View map



The parade goes north on Fifth Avenue, from 26th to 52nd Street. The route is 1.2 miles, and takes approximately 30 ~ 35 minutes.  View map


Opening Ceremony

The parade is preceded by our traditional Opening Ceremony in Madison Square Park (24th Street & Fifth Avenue).  A prelude featuring music and a flag presentation begins at 10:00 am; the formal ceremony begins at 10:15 AM.  The ceremony concludes with a wreath laying at the Eternal Light Monument at 11:00 AM (The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month). Limited seating is available at the opening ceremony, with preference given to our disabled and elderly veterans.

NOTE: This year, we are restoring the wreath laying ceremony to its former level of prominence; as a result, the ceremony will be shorter and there will be less public seating. 

Assembly Area

On the morning of the parade, groups will assemble in the streets next to and north of Madison Square Park (Fifth Avenue and 23rd Street). Specific assembly points/arrival times will be sent with your group’s confirmation materials upon acceptance of your application (Please note: staggered arrival times will again be implemented this year)

Viewing the Parade

Spectators (especially family & friends of participants) are encouraged to gather to show their support along the parade route (see Route/Map, above).

Review Stand

Our VIP’s and military Reviewing Officers will review the parade from our stage on 5th Avenue at 41st Street (in front of the NY Public Library). Bleacher seating for spectators is available near the Review Stand, with priority seating for elderly & disabled veterans.

Line of March

Participants will be informed of their position in the Line of March (order of the parade) in the weeks prior to the parade.