We invite you to join us in honoring America’s veterans in our nation’s largest city!

The New York City Veterans Day Parade is our nation’s largest event honoring service, continuing a longtime tradition. Produced by the United War Veterans Council the Parade provides the public with the opportunity to salute our veterans and military, raises awareness for organizations working to serve their needs, and connects veterans with services, resources and opportunities. (Details & Schedule)

This year’s Parade marks the centennial of America’s entry into the First World War (1917 ~ 2017). The U.S. Air Force is this year’s featured service.  The Parade is the centerpiece of Veterans Week in New York City, a series of events and activities honoring service.

The Parade is also a founding member of Veterans Day USA, a national network of events working towards the 100th Anniversary of Veterans Day in 2019.

Learn how you can get involved: